We provide all the equipment needed to establish and maintain swimming pools At Al-Rehab Company, we are always keen on providing equipment imported from abroad with high-quality materials, and we are keen to ensure that the price is suitable for everyone.


We have all kinds of pumps and all the capabilities needed for different swimming pool areas, the most important of which are:

  • Australian Pump.
  • Hayward Pump.
  • Italian Pump.

And all the tools and types needed to create swimming pools, the most important of which are:

  • A floating chemical container.
  • Broom head.
  • Depths network.
  • Pool Spring Board

And all kinds of filters necessary for the establishment and maintenance of swimming pools, the most important of which are:

  • Hayward filter.
  • Astral Ball sand filter

We are keen on making periodic follow-up to the bathrooms, we do complete cleaning of the filters and add chemicals to the bathroom. We do periodic maintenance, whether for the bathroom body or for the equipment, by making an inspection to find out the problems and to identify ways to fix them. We provide regular maintenance and after-sales cleaning service for all types of swimming pools We add original chemicals to get clean and safe water. The bathroom is cleaned from sediment, insects and dust. We use a device to detect the degree of purity of water. We do maintenance on the equipment and pumps used in pumping water. For used and keen to install it in shapes Different fit all types and sizes of bathrooms in order to give it a more aesthetic and streamlined shape.

  • We provide all types of floodlights, lamps, and swimming pool spots: We are interested in providing the best materials for floodlights and lamps that light up swimming pools on a daily basis. So we provide the best brands

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